Randie Jennifer Feil
Mezzotint Printmaker and Artist

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I like your work :)
Nathan - 25 Sep 2022
So greateful we meet you tonight at sushi! The way you move through the world and the art you create reflects the same boundaryless energy of beauty and grace. Thanks for your creation Sarah Marek and Carmanah Band
Sarah Smith - 9 Feb 2018
I am really blown away by the patience it must take to create these pieces- five hours to rock that wee little plate? And that's just the beginning?! There is a depth in your creations that couldn't be replicated without that perseverance, though; I get such a feeling of profundity from them. 'Sleeping Cat' looks like a photograph! And I really adore 'Victorians II'; it's cheeky and eerie and a bit dystopian. I hope you find the focus you're seeking this week to continue creating! See you again one of these days!
Steph (from the Market!) - 27 Sep 2017
Very impressive work, Randie! I was not very familiar with this technique but your step by step explanation of the process helped me appreciate your work even more! Love your creativity and authenticity. Well done!
Alma & Manuel (from SenZushi) - 3 Sep 2015
Dear Randie, I was so glad to bump into you on the street a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE your work, from the moss-inspired Kokedera series to the mezzotints and sculptural pieces, to me they are redolent of another world, gently mysterious, quiet, deep, yet sometimes wild and sometimes whimsical. You are truly an inspirited artist. I'd love to see these up close. Will you be showing again this year? Feel free to contact me via e-mail when you have sometime. Regards...
Mary-Louise - 6 May 2014
Dear Randie ~~Thank you for my gift on Christmas day I love it. Your work is amazing and your web site is very detailed very nice ~~Tini
Tini - 27 Dec 2012
beautiful mezzotint work. I want to see the actual prints. such a refined study of darks and lights. really enjoyed the paintings as well. Welcome to Ground Zero Printmakers, Randie, your work is going to inspire the membership. Alain Dec6 2012
Alain Costaz - 6 Dec 2012
Randie, I am impressed! I remember seeing your paintings years ago and loving them. I love your metal sculptures! Very well-done, Janet
Janet Preus - 19 Apr 2012
LOve your work! I am thinking of trying mezzotint and your organic natural style has inspired me.
lynne sweeney - 17 Jan 2011
Your artwork is fabulous! I really enjoyed seeing the mezzotint pieces and helped me to finish my course work . tq...tq !
Hj.Zainol Abidin Basri. Malaysia - 19 Feb 2010
Wow! Your work is amazing! We're looking forward to seeing more and honestly thinking about getting one for our new apartment. Keep up the good work!
Yuki and Chris - 9 Dec 2009
Randie, your work is amazing! I wasn't familiar with Mezzotint but will definitely be learning more based on the beauty of your images.
Shelley Dureau - 4 Dec 2009
I love the moth. Look great in my front hall! I wonder what it would look like in copper. I'd go off my rocker if I had to rock a plate for 5 hours. I wonder how that same moth would look if done with wood block or lino. Mezzotint must take dedication. I do like the Cambrian Dance!
Alan - 30 Nov 2009
Your artwork is fabulous! I really enjoyed seeing the mezzotint pieces and your temple inspired paintings. Well-done!
Tara - 14 Nov 2009
Junko - 28 Sep 2009
Hi! Nice work. ;-)
Brigid - 28 Sep 2009
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